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That s not the intended behavior! However, with test-driven development, you could have avoided the pain of releasing broken code by first writing some tests to demonstrate the outcome you expect:

raise "Fail 1" unless "this is a test".titleize == "This Is A Test" raise "Fail 2" unless "another test 1234".titleize == "Another Test 1234" raise "Fail 3" unless "We're testing titleize".titleize == "We're Testing Titleize"

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With this simple yet clear and engaging introduction to his opening statement, Mark had succeeded in presenting a framework that would be easy for jurors to follow. He continued to integrate the story seamlessly through the remaining slides over the next few hours. Although your own presentations will likely not last as long, the same BBP approach will give you the ability to quickly scale down any presentation from 45 to 15 to 5 minutes. As Mark continued through the presentation, many of the slides in the presentation looked similar to the ones shown in Figure 1-13. The slides were designed so that the jurors attention would rst go to the most important information at the top of the screen a headline that summarized the main point at hand, like a newspaper headline. Next the jurors would see a simple graphic that illustrated the speci c headline. Last the jurors attention would now shift from the screen to Mark, who explained the point of the slide in more detail. The range of visuals used on the slides included a wide variety of photographs, medical illustrations, documents, screen captures, timelines, and more.

These three lines of code raise exceptions unless the output of titleize is what you expect it to be.

Note These tests are also known as assertions, as they re asserting that a certain condition is true.

In this chapter you ve seen several kinds of statements: Printing You can use the print statement to print several values by separating them with commas If you end the statement with a comma, later print statements will continue printing on the same line Importing Sometimes you don t like the name of a function you want to import perhaps you ve already used the name for something else You can use the statement, to locally rename a function Assignments You ve seen that through the wonder of sequence unpacking and chained assignments, you can assign values to several variables at once, and that with augmented assignments you can change a variable in place Blocks Blocks are used as a means of grouping statements through indentation.

FIGURE 1-13 The slides within each section of the presentation used a similar layout style, which helped the jurors quickly understand the information.

If titleize passes these three tests, you can expect the functionality to be okay for other examples.

Note A set of tests or assertions that test a single component or a certain set of functionality is known as

Mark clicked through the 153 slides of this presentation at a pace of less than one minute per slide, which allowed his audience to digest the information on the screen before moving forward to the next slide and the next part of the story. This pace kept the jurors

Your current code fails on the first test of this test case, so let s write the code to make it work:

This code takes the current string, finds all word boundaries (with \b), passes in the first letter of each word (as obtained with \w), and converts it to upper case. Job done Run the three tests again.

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